Our offer is dedicated to businesses (companies and private businessess).

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We carry out our actions all over Poland, however Balt Credit is a daughter of Estonian international corporation – AS Omega Laen. We exist over 10 years on financial market. Over this time we were constantly expanding our offer and improving its formula. All of this, to keep our services on highest level for the clients.

If we had to define the main trend of our work, it would be non-bank loans for Polish entrepreneurs, secured with real estate. It’s a form of financing that is gladly used by subjects all over the world. It is a perfect alternative for financing with a bank, mainly because loans secured with real estate have a simplified procedure. This makes it faster and more flexible. It is worth mentioning that this kind of loans are not less safe. You sign the documents in the presence of a notary, which gives you security and guarantee that everything is correct according to Polish law.

As Balt Credit we have also other financial products, such as investment loan, bridging loan, loan for start up, consolidation loan and real estate secured loan without credit reliability information. In Balt Credit we treat every case individually. We strive to explore it deeply enough, to match clients expectations in 100%. This is our most important goal, and we promise to put in maximum effort, so every real estate secured loan turns out to be a good decision, with best possible conditions. Our mission is helping clients to make their ideas come to life. We want every real estate secured loan, that we grant, to provide assets for realisation of dreams and getting the goal. We are aware how expensive some of the investments can be, that’s why we do everything to provide best terms possible.