Who can benefit from our offer?

Our offer is directed to natural persons running a sole proprietorship and commercial companies. Main condition for being granted a real estate secured non-banking loan is holding an ownership of a house, an apartment, premises or any other building (also under execution). It’s worth mentioning that this real estate can be charged with a mortgage or be owned by a third party.

What kind of real estate can be used as security?

We accept flats and houses in Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Łódź, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot and in the suburbs of every mentioned city (about 30km away). Real estate secured loan can be also secured with service or business premises.

What is the biggest loan I can get?

Balt Credit grants loans without credit reliability information, for 20 000zł to 500 000zł. The amount of the loan can’t be larger than 50% of the securing real estate worth.

Does the credit or market reliability information have an influence on granting the loan?

No, negative entries in the debtors’ registers are not grounds for denial of the loan.

What forms of security are used?

For real estate secured non-banking loans there are two forms of security. First one is the entry in the fourth section of the land and mortgage register (mortgage), second one is second section (transfer of ownership for security). In case of choosing mortgage as a security, loan can’t be bigger than 30% of the real estates worth and in case of transfering the ownership, loan can’t be bigger than 50% of its worth.

How long do I have to wait for the money?

Verification of the application for the mortgage loan takes maximum two working days starting from submission of the set of documents. Pay out takes maximum three days starting from signing a contract in the presence a notary (usually the same day).

What is mortgage?

Entry in fourth section of the land and mortgage register or mortgage is a limitation of property law on real estate. it is used for securing the receivables resulting from the marked legal relation, under which the creditor can claim satisfaction, with priority over personal creditors of each property owner. This means that the sale of the property by the debtor does not infringe the mortgage creditor’s right – he may seek satisfaction from anyone who becomes the owner or perpetual usufructuary of the real estate. A material creditor may claim to satisfy the property from the personal creditors of the property owner.

How does transfer of ownership for security work?

The transfer of title to security is a form of limitation of a property law on real estate in the form of a transfer of ownership of real estate to Balt Credit for the duration of a real estate secured loan agreement. After the paying off the debt, Balt Credit is obliged to re-transfer ownership. This is guaranteed by the entry in the third section of the land and mortgage register – claim for a re-transfer of ownership (additional security for the borrower). This transfer is only a transfer of ownership at a given time and for a given purpose.

What is the cost of a loan in Balt Credit?

Cost of the real estate secured loan in Balt Credit is 1,33% to 2,5% monthly.

When do I have to pay off my loan?

The date and period of repayment of the real estate secured loan is determined individually for each case. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer the possibility of spreading paying off of a real estate secured non-bank loan for a period of up to 120 months (with a condition that contracts are signed for a period of up to 12 months and are successively extended for the next 12-month contract periods). The decisive condition in this case is the timely payment of principal and interest installments.
It is also possible to pay smaller installments and return the entire loan from a bank loan or other source after 12 months. However, the repayment installments can not be less than the sum of the private real estate secured loan costs.

Do I have to pay anything for consideration of application for real estate secured loan?

Our clients do not bear any entry fees. They also do not have to pay for consideration of private real estate secured loan application.

What documents do I need for the application for real estate secured loan?

Regardless of whether we decide to have a private loan secured by real estate, bridge financing, a consolidation loan, or financing for investments. In all these cases, we receive money almost immediately, while limiting formalities to a minimum. We also offer special non-banking loans secured with real estate for people in debt – a quick cash injection that will allow you to pay off your overdue liabilities. It is worth mentioning that the real estate loan.