Balt Credit offer is directed to variety of companies. Real estate secured, non-banking loan can be taken by corporation as well as single person company. We offer them real estate secured, non-banking loan for subjects in debt. It’s worth pointing out that it does not require checking credit or market reliability information. Person who wants to get these resources needs only to present Act of ownership of the mentioned real estate. This makes the process really easy and shortens it drastically.

Real estate secured loan from Balt Credit is an ideal solution for all the people and institutions that, have somehow lost their financial liquidity. Choosing non-banking loan secured with real estate allows you to reach situation stability and easily gain capital for paying off other commitments. Investment loan is also a great possibility for companies that are starting.

Start up loan

Start up loan

Start ups become really popular these days and more and more young, aspiring entrepreneurs decide for this kind of business model. In Balt Credit we have a special loan for Start up, which gives you an easy way to get assets for ideas and investments. Start up loan is noting more than non-banking loan secured with real estate, which can be secured with a building, an apartment, a house, or any other kind of real estate. By bringing start up loans and investment loans to our offer, we meet expectations of those clients, who need additional assets for coordination and development of their projects. Start up loan is very flexible and fast form of gaining additional assets. It is appreciated especially by those entrepreneurs, who don’t like unnecessary formalities and want to use time that is saved, for established business goals and growth of their company.

Investment loan

Pożyczka inwestycyjna

In Balt Credit we also have something especially for innovative entrepreneurs who do not fear the risk and desire to multiply their capital. Investment loan allows you to gain additional financial assets for any purpose. How they are going to be used is a question of borrowers and only borrowers will. Investment loans are also real estate secured loans. What’s interesting, in our company it is possible to get a loan for a real estate which is an insurance for the loan, by itself. In a situation of securing the loan on a newly bought real estate, financing can reach even 70% of a current market value. Most often clients destine investment loans for buying residential or usable premises, building a house or buying other real estate or securities. Every investment loan in Balt Credit is granted with a clear set of rules, so that every client is fully aware of his obligations and will take care of his investment till the end.

Bridging loan

Finansowanie pomostowe

They say “time is money” and we know it very well, that’s why specially for our clients we prepared financial products that require minimum formalities. Bridging loan is one of those products and it allows you to prolong repayment period of other financial commitments. When you decide to take a loan in a bank, it is usually connected with checking your credit and market reliability information. If, whatever the reason, your name is in the database, bank can block your possibility of taking any loan. Bridging loan allows you to settle your obligation to tax office and other subjects, what gives you a possibility to build up your creditworthiness. Mortgage loan for people in debt is a perfect option for people who are in need of money right now and don’t have time for banking procedures. Loans that are secured with borrowers real estate, without any testimonials are a good way of bridge financing.

Consolidation loan

Pożyczka konsolidacyjna

In brief, consolidation loan is one loan instead of many. This kind of product was created specially for our clients financial comfort. Consolidation loan is perfect when the date of your payments and many other small obligations is relentlessly coming. Real estate secured, non-banking loans for people in debt are used more and more often and that’s caused by growing popularity of so-called short term credits. When the date of payment of several credits is coming, it is good to swap it for one consolidation loan which can be in a form of real estate secured non-banking loan, available in Balt Credit. This is the solution that helped many of our clients. Consolidation loan is the fastest way to consolidate many debts into one debt. It is also a great possibility to save money, because in result consolidation loan generates lower costs than couple of smaller credits. It’s worth mentioning, that non-banking loan, secured with real estate, generates minimum formalities, and significantly shortens time till getting the money.